Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christian Photography

Did she totally hit this out of the park or what?!? I am SO impressed! Corrine did an amazing job capturing my children's beauty! You would never know that Brad wanted nothing but a bottle most of the time and screamed his head off when we put him on the ground for this shot!

Can you see that Sophia was actually coming down a slide?!? Ha! She kept running from us! Only wanted the play area! We got her sliding down the slide and she looks beautiful!! Look at those big brown eyes and big white teeth!

Capturing Lilly perfectly!!!
She was the easiest??? YES thats right LILLIAN was the easiest one to take pictures of! She was eat'en that camera right up!
I can't believe how big she is getting! Feels like yesterday she was my 6lbs 10oz 1st baby girl~~ Where did the time go?

Me and my amazing husband Timothy!! He has turned out to not only be the greatest husband a woman could ever dream for... He has turned into the most amazing father! I am truly so proud to have him in my life and as my best friend! I cant wait to see where life leads us!!

The end of our journey of creating with God, our beautiful family that we longed for has come, bitter sweet sometimes, but now is the begining of the new journey of our lives together.
With our hands full and our patience tested daily. We turn to God for strength!! Heres to a great 2010!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sausage & Peppers

What you will need...
lg pot
lg frying pan
2tbs of olive oil
1package of sweet or mild sausages (I use Hillshire Farm usually comes 6 in a package)
1regular size jar of Prego Tradtional Spaghetti Sauce (Do not substitute)
1 lg green pepper
1 lg yellow pepper
1 lg red pepper
1lg yellow onion
crushed basil, pepper and garlic salt for seasoning.

To Do...
Cut up all your veggies and toss them into pot,
pour your sauce in and add roughly 2 tsp of basil, place on medium heat sitrring every so often. cover with lid.
Cut sausages in 1/2's
with your frying pan pour the olive oil in and heat it. Put your sausage in, season with garlic salt and pepper to taste and darkly brown each side.
Once browned place in pot with veggies.
Stir well.
Put heat on lowest setting.
Keep covered.
stir every 30-45 minutes.
Cook roughly 4-8 hours.
If your in a rish you can cook quicker on higher setting or cooking sausage prior to putting in pot. However the sausage really seasons the sauce so I reccomend for best tasting results to let it cook for quite a while.
Sauce will appear thick at first but will thin as it cooks.
Server with angel hair pasta and a salad.
Its delicious!!